How many times have you arrived at your workout and thought, “I should have worn my other pair of shoes”. You wore your converse/lifting shoes and there is a 5K. Or your Coach decided to add some extra skill work in and you are stuck doing double unders with one of the gym’s rope that has multiple kinks in it and you wind up slashing the back of your legs more times that you do a double under. How do you solve this problem? BRING EVERYTHING TO PRACTICE/CLASS EVERY TIME!


This is everything in my training bag that I bring with me to EVERY practice and EVERY competition, not matter what. If we are running a 5K, I have my lifting shoes. If there is rope climbing, then I have my rope shoes and sleeves. I don’t have to think about what I need, or to remember to check the WOD before I leave for practice/class, I just get in my car and go because my bag stays packed in the truck at all times, even when I travel. So what all is in the bag? Here are a few things, in no particular order:

  1. 2 pairs of Oly lifting shoes (one pair got me to the games and I can’t ditch them, the other pair I got at the games)
  2. Rope Climbing shoes (old inov8s that I’m not a fan of so I dont’ care if they get torn up)
  3. Cleats (I have used them 2xs)
  4. Advocare (Muscle Strength, Spark, Catalyst, Rehydrate, Muscle Gain, Meal Replacement Shake)
  5. 2 Jump Ropes (incase one breaks, I also have a tool to fix them incase they break)
  6. Arm and Leg sleeves (muscle ups and rope climb) and gloves
  7. 4 Sweat Bands for wrist (life saver when it gets hot)
  8. Mobility Tools (quad roller, thera band, lacrosse ball)
  9. WOD Log
  10. Lifting Belt
  11. A “Hand Bag” (tape, climb on, liquid band aid, clippers for rips, bandaids, baby powder, pre made tape grips)
  12. I have a pair of wrist wraps incase I ever wanted to give them a try (they were free, LOL)

This is your excuse to go out and get a nice, durable bag and put ALL of your WOD stuff in one place. Bring it with you EVERY time you attempt a WOD, even if it is at your house or when you travel. You prob will not use everything in there, but it will be there incase you do. Never know when your coach is going to ask you to pull out your jump rope for skill work!