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While I was competing in the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Regionals, my dad entertained himself (while I wasn’t competing) by going around to the vendors and getting samples (apparently there were alot more samples this year than last year). I like it when he does this because I get to try out new products. He picked up 3 packages of Pursuit Protein Powder (Rich Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla) as well as a chocolate recovery blend.

Taste: The taste was actually really good! Just make sure you have a wire ball (or something of that sort) that will allow it to mix up. I didn’t use one and it was in the bottom of my bottle, but I ate it with a spoon anyways. (4/5)

Price: The price isn’t that bad, I have seen worse. For a tub/26 1 scoop servings it is $59.99. Which is $2.30/serving. (4/5)

Nutrition: With no gluten, hormones, GMO Ingredients, Soy, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners or added sugars…I can’t argue! Kcal 130/Fat 2g/Carb 3g/Sugar 1g/Pro 25g (4/5)

Convient:  I haven’t seen it in stores. I’m sure you wouldn’t find it at a your local supermarket but you could order it. (2/5)

Overall:  It def gets my vote!! (4/5)