photo 2When I purchased my ipad, I got a $30 screen protector and a $40 case (they are $40 at Best Buy, clearly I got ripped off LOL) for it. I knew this thing was going to be in the gym alot and at high risk so BEFORE I turned that sucker on, it was in the case with the screen protector on it. A few weeks ago I was sitting on s curb reading my book on my ipad and an #$%& aut bit me. I moved my leg to see what on earth the sting was about and my ipad fell perfectly on the corner, popped out of its case and cracked the screen. I took it to best buy…warranty was out. Therefore I broke down and bought this $140 lifeproof case and I wish I would have done it at the beginning. I have always had a lifeproof case on my phone and it has saved my iphone’s life many times. This case is waterproof, dirt proof, shock proof and water proof. I think that about sums up anything I would encounter. I had an ezel back on my last case that was alot easier than this one, but I still wish I would have purchased this one first. Its a little heavier and doesn’t slide in my bag as easy, AND my screen protector doesn’t fit on it correctly, but it is so worth it. I don’t worry about my ipad as much. I highly recommend this case if you use your ipad in a high risk area such as the gym (curb reading has been added to my “high risk” area now).