On Sunday Rabah and myself drove out to Spicewoods to visit Krause Springs.

photo 4


After exploring the beautiful and very zen butterfly garden we went to visit the springs. There was a “pool” and then if you walked further down, you could play in the natural spring. There were alot of people, kids and blow up rafts at the very small pool, therefore we headed down to the natural spring. While yes there were ALOT of people at that location too, we had fun exploring a little and taking pictures at a very cold waterfall. Please see review below!

Krause Springs Waterfall

Scenery: There was lots of lush greens and water as well as a beautiful butterfly garden (3/5)

Distance: It took less than an hour to get out there. (4/5)

Seclusion: There were ALOT of people there, and the guy said it wasn’t that crowded. We didn’t even try the pool, there were to many people. (1/5)

Activity: While even though there wasn’t hiking, there was rope swings and swimming of all sorts. (3/5)

Camping: Technically they have primitive camping, but from what we saw you were VERY close to your neighbors and could drive up to your site. (1/5)