Not only did my I AM Relentless Athletes survive/complete their challenge BUT the results in these 5 weeks were mind blowing!! These athletes food logged for 5 weeks…I’m talking actually food logged every day. They applied the suggested changes and created new habits. I couldn’t of asked any more for them. One of my athletes started feeling better just by changing her eating, when she took on Champion Mindset with Carey, her mind was clear and she now started a company called, “Paleo Possible”. Some athletes even went up in bell size..IN JUST 5 WEEKS!

The week before they got results:

David Wilson: 8inches lost, 9lbs lost, 7.5% body fat lost

Gilbert Ramon: 6.25inches lost, 7lbs lost, 3.3% body fat lost

Allison Wegner: 4inches lost, 3.2lbs lost, 3.7% body fat lost

Sandra Bradley: 5.5inches lost, 4.4lbs lost, 2.1% body fat lost

Catherine: 8.25 inches lost, 4.8lbs lost, 1.9% body fat lost

Saturday they started with after pictures and a warm up….


Then went into a workout of:


10/10 Clean and Press

15 Sprawl to SDHP

20 American Swings

400m RunRelentlessIAM4

End WOD Results looked something like this:

Allison: 14:05 to 13:55

Sandra: 16:29-14:27

Gilbert: 17:07-1501

David:  17:29-1505

Tim: 15:46-14:32

Catherine: 15:40


RelentlessIAM1I’m extremely proud of this crew and what they can accomplish in just a short 5 weeks! Congrats to each of you, Y’ALL MADE ME PROUD!!