Body Compositions: The How & Why

Body Compositions are a great document to have on file for your clients/athletes for many reasons. PT/Coaches you can get so much more from a body composition than just measurements. This is your time to meet with your athletes/client in a one on one setting. You can ask them questions you shouldn’t ask in earshot of others. You get to sit down and REALLY get to know your client/athlete outside of your training session. You get to ask their WHY…SUPER important. Why do they continue to workout with you? Believe it or not it might have NOTHING to do with the workout, but something deeper.

When I do a body comp, I explain what I’m going to say so they are not shocked when I wrap a tape measure around “uncomfortable areas”. And shocker…I talk to them the whole time. I ask questions about their family, work, travels. While they are answering I’m moving and marking them taking measurements and before they know it we are done with that part and then we talk about goals.

I HIGHLY suggest you take measurements FIRST because for most people that is the hardest part mentally. They (might) have to see numbers on a scale or on paper. I like to get that part over with and then talk about goals SECOND. This way when they leave they are not thinking about the numbers on the tape measure, but they are motivated to achieve their goals. Have them tell you your 3, 6 and 9 months goals as well as the action steps that go with them and write them on the paper. This way when you redo body comps in that time frame you can check in on them in a one on one conversation.

Below is a video on how I do body comps as well as a PDF of the sheet I use. If you click on the sheet you should be able to open up to a PDF and print it off. If for some reason it doesn’t work (or you have questions), email me and I’ll send it to you!