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AMRAP Nutrition Bars

Taste: The ingredients sound like it is just going to be amazing! It left a funny after taste which wasn’t much of a taste. I was expecting something very flavorful and sweet. It was more dry.  (2/5)

Price: I was lucky enough to get mine for free, however according to their website you can get a box of 8 for $23.95 ($2.99/bar) (3/5)

Nutrition: It is a higher caloric bar with lots of fat and carbs, I would like to see more pro. Def a POST WOD vs a snack. I don’t know how they cram all that into such a small bar. 300kcal/21g fat/22carb/14gpro (2/5…I want more pro)

Convient: Mine was given to me so that was easy, however I haven’t seen them in store so you would have to order them. (2/5)

Overall: I would not purchase this bar. There are better choices with the same nutritional content. HOWEVER these wouldn’t melt on a hike. (2/5)