(Pic by the famous Brian Sullivan)

13.3 Done and DONE! Over half way through the open…Whoo hoo!! I was really nervous about the open especially after my 13.1 performance….both times. You can read my blog post on that and understand why. When I let go of my ego and started having fun the WODs became easier and I started doing better. ANYWHOO…13.3 was a repeat of 12.4. Which is:

12min AMRAP

15o Wall Ball (aka “Karen”)

90 Double Unders

30 Muscle Ups

My first thought was, “well we escaped pull ups one more week”. My thought was, can I beat last years score of 246 (6 muscle ups)? It is what it is. I knew last year, I was first off the wall and 1st to the rings…I had to be, I needed more time on the rings. This year I’m a different athlete. I went back and found my blog post from the 12.4 to see what I did before I got to the rings. Since there wasn’t a tie breaker, I didn’t know what my “Karen” score was. But I had blogged about my reps, etc. I was successful with wall ball and DUs so I was going to copy that break up. I told my judge and coach my plan and told her I was going to make the counting easy for her. Like 12.4, I broke up my wall ball into sets of : 50, 25,25,25,25. 4:56. Double Unders were broken up like 12.4 as well…50, 20,20. I made it to the rings at 6:26. My goal was to get more than last year and if I was lucky 250. Thank goodness I had Jess as my judge/Coach. She knew they were going to be one at a time. However I needed them to be consistant. I rested for a hot sec before I knocked out my first one. Came down, shook out my arms, chalk and went for another one. After I did my 7th one, I told Jess, “Goal completed, I beat last years score”. Happily I completed this pattern for 13 muscle ups before the 12mins ended. I had a goal to get 7!! Not only did I beat last years score BUT I did more than double my number of MUs. I was ping ponging off the walls after this WOD! That day, I didn’t care where it placed me in The Open (I care today, LOL). I did 13 muscle ups, one of my not so strong moves! I was PUMPED! This attitude WILL continue into the next round not only because I felt that I did okay, my mom who is also competing in The Open will be doing it with me!  13.3 Done and Done…On to the next one!!