STEP 1: Purchase/Create/Find materials needed for the “base” of the book/poster. I personally use a sketch pad I got at a local craft store (Michaels). I also have a “vision sheet” that is on the side of my fridge that I use for home repairs/wants. I find having a “sturdier” base works better with glue (i.e. the card stock style sheets in my sketch book vs notebook paper). Remember this can be as simple or as outrageous as you would like!

VB 3Sketch PadVB6

STEP 2: GET TO WORK! Cut/Tear/Rip/Remove anything (word, picture, image, etc) that catches your eye that you like. Don’t put a price tag on anything. If you like the gazillion dollar home, tear it out of that magazine and put it in/on your vision book…I did/do. If you like the physical appearance of that person, put it in/on your book.

VB 10 VB 5 VB 4 VB 1

STEP 3: Place your boar/book/sheet where you can see it OFTEN. Whats the point of creating this if you don’t see it! If the shelf is the ONLY place for it, make sure you visit it OFTEN!

Be careful what you put in/on your book/board/sheet because 90% of my stuff has already come true! What better way to Create The Life You Desire…