The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Deepak Chopra

This book was given to me as a gift from a friend of mine who started out as my athlete when I coached at Jack and Adams. This athlete has remained my friend and little does he know he plays a great role in reminding me of alof of things in life. I would encourage you to grab a friend that doesn’t mind discussing “lifes concepts” with you, no matter how “cheesy” they are.

I started this book but I was just reading it, bad move. Its not a long book so take the time to sit down and really be present with the reading. Re read sentences, words, paragraphs. Let the words sit with you for a second, you can thank me later.

If you are like me and normally skip over or skim through the “Introduction” sections of books, take the time to read the Introduction section of this book. On page 2, the author “defines” success in think in the most clear definition possible. Deepak doesn’t put a dollar amount on the word, he doesn’t put an educational level on it either. He simply states, “success is a journey, not a destination”. Let that sit with you. As a huge goal setter…set a goal, put a date, reach it, and repeat…this was an eye opener. Sometimes it isn’t about the end result or when you achieve the goal OR even if you reach the goal, but its about the path on how you approach the goal and your journey to reach it. He states, “success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind.” Again, no dollar amount was added, its all about the journey. How do you define success? Would you consider yourself successful?
Before he goes into the first “law” he defines the term “law”. He refers to “law” as an action verb, when I have always considered it a noun…but then again I wasn’t the best at english. Deepak define’s law (p.3-4) as, “the process by which the unmanifest becomes the manifest; its the process by which the observer becomes the observed; its the process by which the seer becomes the scenery; its the process through which the dreamer manifest the dream”. I don’t know about you but sign me up, I want every part of this!
Looking forward to hearing how this book effects your life!