This past weekend my cousin came to visit me (and Duke). My goal was to show her as much of this amazing city as I could! One of my favorite spots is the Greenbelt (I personally like to enter on the 360/mopac area). After I took her to her first crossfit WOD at Crossfit Central, I took her hiking; I think she her comment was, “workingout again?!?”…I giggled. She wasn’t really sure about the whole thing at first, Duke on the other hand, no problem! Even though I have been to greenbelt ALOT of times, I still wanted to rate it for those that are possibly new to Austin or just visiting! Its worth making time for!

Scenery: I think it is BEAUTIFUL! You don’t even feel like you are in the middle of the city! (4/5)

Distance: With a number of entrance points/places (I personally like 360/Mopac area) and only 10mins from my house, I couldn’t ask for better. (5/5)

Camping: No camping, plus my bed is 10mins away. (0/5)

Activity: There is easy hiking (variety of trails) and multiple swimming holes (if there is water). There are a few caves you can climb into. (3/5)

Seclusion: For something in the middle of the city, I NEVER feel like I’m in the city. (3/5)