On July 11th, 2010 Carrie (above right) ran a marathon with her friend Annie (on the right who joined us this morning for bootcamp!!). As a runner Carrie has benefit from Crossfit and didn’t waste any time returning to her morning bootcamps after her race!

Above Annie, Neil, Carrie, Gina
On Thursday 7.22.10 the 6:30am Jack and Adams class, including Carrie, did a workout to represent her marathon! The workout went as so:
26 burpees (to represent the 26.2mi of a marathon)
3x45sec sprints (Carrie finished in 3hrs 45mins)
7 11sec hold planks (the date of the marathon was 7/11)
Above, Annie and Carrie doing the 26 burpees.

Gina doing her 26 burpees

Annie, Carrie and Neil doing 26 burpees (Neil said he would take care of the .2)