“Karen is very passionate about living well with strength and balance. Her passion resonates with all her clients and encourages us to give our best. One quality Karen has that I have seen in few other trainers is the desire for each of her clients to succeed on a physical level as well as a personal one. She invests in you and your needs. We all need people in our lives to come along side us for encouragement and guidance, Karen is that person for me. You will never regret getting to know her and your life will be infinitely better for the experience.”

“I signed up for Karen Pierce’s bootcamp in February 2011 only intending to go for one month. 5 months later, I’m still going strong and am not even considering stopping. I owe this all to Karen; she is amazing. I am over 40, was not exercising regularly and have asthma, so I really didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the other people in my class. Karen has totally changed that for me and I look forward to seeing her twice a week. She is so motivated, a great role model, always supportive and is constantly providing advice and guidance on diet, exercise and life in general – not only in class but through her weekly emails and blogs. She’s a great inspiration and I highly recommend her to anyone..in fact I do all the time!”

“Karen is a dedicated trainer and genuine person! I feel as if I am in a constant state of muscle soreness and physical improvement since beginning Karen’s classes in Sept. 2010. At 47, I am physically stronger and have greater endurance than I’ve ever had.My husband and youngest son (15) have also benefited from Karen’s training.The time my son spent with Karen has complimented his swimming workouts by improving his upper body strength, endurance and race times. She is able to engage any person that joins her class and soon after they become addicted not only to her training style, but to Karen herself. Karen definitely has them at hello.”

“Karen is awesome. Not only is she a ball of hilarious energy, she cares about each one of her “victims”, I mean clients. She works us hard and has faith we can push ourselves past our perceived weaknesses, all the while pursuing her own high level of fitness. She’s the bomb!”

“I have been lifting weights for over 30 years.  After working with Karen for only a few months I have taken my workouts to a whole new level.  Not only has my technique improved, but so has my stamina.  The bootcamp workouts are a great mix with my weightlifting routine”

“1. AWESOME!! 2.  AWESOME!! 3. AWESOME!!:)Karen and her class have been a God send for me. I’m a mother of 3 very busy children who’s schedules monopolize my time and having her come to my workplace for a lunch time class is the only way I can manage to get any exercise into my day. She is just what I had been looking for to get back into the swing of a good physical workout!!!  I love the fact that we never know what she’s going to throw at us each class.  I can feel myself getting stronger with each class and am starting to notice areas getting more toned.  Making myself get out there twice a week is sometimes hard, but it is sooooo worth it and I find I really miss it if I can’t make a class.  Karen has taught me enough to get a decent workout in on my own, but it’s never quite the same:)

“I first met Karen Pierce almost three years ago when I joined The Hills. At that time, Karen was the instructor for the senior circuit group. Imagine, a young women trying to handle a bunch of senior citizens. Well she put up with all our griping and complaining and made our class interesting and fun. When it came time to choose a personal trainer, Karen was the one I wanted. She has been my instructor ever since. She not only coaches me in physical training but with food choices, recipes, and other healthy living hints (i.e., coconut water — who knew?!). I am now stronger and feel so much better (not to mention the inches I’ve lost). After all of my sessions with Karen, I am proud to call her my fitness guru and also my friend.”

“Working with Karen has really helped me stay motivated. I get bored easily with fitness routines and give them after only a few sessions. CrossFit Relentless with Karen truly keeps our team excited, working hard to push each other to excel and accomplish things that I wouldn’t have done on my own. If I miss I day, I really feel like I’ve missed out and am anxious to get back out there. We’ve got a mix of folks in terms of fitness level. Because of this, Karen does a great job keeping everyone moving, pushing the high-end and making sure those of us trying to catch up are not left behind.”

“I have never been what you’d call an athletic person; in fact, I always felt pretty uncoordinated. Then I met Karen Pierce. I began training in her Relentless bootcamp and slowly but surely my outlook began to change. Karen has a way of encouraging you–an enthusiastic kind of tough love–that makes you not only want to challenge yourself physically, but also instills in you the belief that you can succeed. Over the weeks, my body became stronger and I looked fitter than I ever had, and at age 51 I realized I loved working out. Karen changed my outlook about exercising, and the self-confidence that I gained through training with her has spilled over into other aspects of my life. While I’m still not what you’d call an athlete, Karen’s positive influence as a coach has had a huge impact on how I see myself, and how I approach the the challenges I encounter in daily life–both physical and mental. When I feel myself floundering, I remember her cheering me on as I ran the first mile I’d ever run in my lfe. “Don’t you stop!” she said that day. And I don’t. And isn’t that what coaching is all about?”

“Our whole family (husband, daughter, me) trains with Karen. She is the absolute fitness enthusiast who sets a great example for her clients by advocating effective workouts with good nutrition and healthy eating. I’m not one of those people who actually enjoys exercise, but because Karen is there with her energy and expertise, I show up–and that’s half of the battle won.”