Double Tabata

1 Set Of Tabata (8rds/4mins) American Swings

Rest 2mins

2nd Set Of Tabata (8rds/4mins) Game Style Push Ups


Score: The athlete needs to count the number of rounds he/she gets per tabata set (20secs). Their score is the LOWEST number of reps completed. For Example if the rep total went like so:

1st set of Tabata: American Swings

1st rd 10 swings

2nd rd 12 swings

3rd rd 10 swings

4th rd 9 swings

5th rd 8 swings

6th rd 7 swings

7th rd 9 swings

8th rd 10 swings

Score = 7


Apply this same scoring/concept for Game Style Push Ups. Add the 2 scores together and you will have the athletes final score. They can use the 2min rest to record their 1st round of Tabata scoring on the white board.

Rx KB Wt: 25#/35#