Jen Cantu

If you looked up “Firebreather” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Jen Cantu, no words needed…just a picture! Jen is a daughter, sister, wife and mother of 2. She has completed 2 marathons as well as trained for the NYC marathon that was cancelled last year (2012), but she went anyways. She is currently training for the 2013 NYC Marathon (again)! I have had the joy and privilege of coaching Jen. I have watched her grow, improve and set WOD times the boys could only dream of reaching! Jen, your drive, dedication and positivity do not go unnoticed! As your coach, I have enjoyed watching you grow and dominate your goals! You are world changing and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you!Jen1

“I mostly wanted to share these with you because you are the one who got me where I am.  You inspired me to be my fittest and I love you for it!  Do you remember the very first time we gave you our goals?  Remember my biggest one?  It was to have my arms look great, even at rest.  Well, “look at me now mom”….hehehh Thanks to you I achieved that goal and being in the best shape of my life.  Karen Pierce…you rock!!  Love ya! Jen”
Melissa Miller Andrew
  • When Melissa Miller Andrew’s confirmation came through for Summer Melt, I literally jumped out of my chair! I was super pumped! See, many many years ago Melissa and I powerlifted in high school together!Powerlifting2We practiced EARLY in the morning so we could have the weight room…and we were GOOD! We won darn near every meet, competed at Nationals (pics above…see all the trophies), and graduated with 4 State Championship under our belt…thats ALOT more than our football team could say! Melissa, daughter, sister, wife, Design Engineer and founder of Red White Blueberries, has stayed active since high school (in addition to powerlifting, Melissa also was a cheerleader). Even having 22 different addresses in the past 7 years, she has completed 18 half marathons, 1 marathon, and dozens of  bike rides, triathlons, and duathlons. With a busy work/travel schedule she doesn’t always have time to commit to a set training schedule, so she places a lot of importance on her nutrition. Sticking to the Summer Melt nutrition program and surviving weddings, family visits, and vacation (yes all within that 24 days) she still lost 2# and 10.75″ and managed to say “no” to the sweet deliveries brought to her office. Summer Melt’s program was perfect for those that travel. The supplements travel well and the workouts were equipment free! Melissa has already committed to staying on top of her new eating habits with meal replacement shakes and has even introduced her husband to spark! She attends her corporate wellness program on days when she is in town…in addition to all of her running and bike riding! CONGRATS on your results!


    24 Day Results

    2lbs & 10.75inches

    Did I mention Melissa used Advocare products to train for Miss Texas?!


Emma Myers

Meet Emma! In addition to being a licensed race car driver, sail boat Captain, and future Ms. President of the World she is a student at Northwestern University, tennis player and a Living Amped Athlete! I have had the privilege to work with Emma before she left for college as well as this summer upon her return. In the spring before she left for college Emma, tore her ACL, MCL and PCL costing her her high school sr. year of tennis. With lots of therapy, hard work, a minor 2nd surgery, and well as a few knee braces (including one made from a cast) later, she is back on her feet and isn’t slowing down. Emma REALLY stepped up her game this summer! Her first day in, July 2nd, 2013 she took on “Jackie” (1000m Row, 50 Thrusters, 30 pull ups). A month later on Aug. 1st, 2013, she crushed her time with a 1:56 PR! Emma also entered Living Amped’s “‘Merica” challenge (max swings in 3mins). She was a week late into the challenge and STILL managed to improve her score by 9 swings/reps! Emma also participated in the the “Summer Melt” challenge where in just 24 short days she shrunk by 8.25″! Creating habits that will still benefit her later on. This lady is UNSTOPPABLE! The gains Emma made in the month she was here for summer breaks could only be achieved with dedication to her workouts, focus in the kitchen, and a “go getter” mindset! I’m truly blessed to work with this lady and her positive attitude. I look forward to coaching you on your breaks because its athletes like this that make me LOVE what I do! CONGRATS EMMA!

1 month PRs
1:56PR on “Jackie”

9 swing rep PR ‘Merica Challenge

Summer Melt: Lost 8.25″

Cindy Lindsey

Melanie Dsa

Alexa Manza