When should I start Project X with the up coming holiday season?

Project X is the perfect program to follow to prepare for a certain date/event. With the holidays coming up, there are many opportunities to over indulge more then what we are use to or what our bodies can/should handle. Project X is great for a prep and/or a clean up.

Before your Project X Journey even starts, you decide what your “why” is. Its the reason you are doing the four week program. Its the reason you stick to the program when it gets tough or difficult to follow. If your “WHY” is revolving around an upcoming holiday event, here is when you should START your journey.

  • Halloween: Start Oct. 3rd – Oct. 30th (Halloween is Oct. 31st)
  • Thanksgiving: Start Oct. 25 – Nov. 22nd (Thanksgiving is Nov. 23rd)
  • Christmas: Start Nov. 27th – Dec. 24th (Christmas Dec 25th)
  • Valentine’s Day: Start Jan. 17 – Feb. 13th (Valentine’s Day Feb. 14th)

For example, using the dates above, if your “why” is to look great in your red dress on Christmas Day, then start your Project X on October 26th. Your “start” date is Day 1, which means you need to make sure you understand the program before hand. I would recommend downloading all the necessary documents a few days prior, spend some time reading the material, do your body comp, grocery shop, sign up for the email support, etc. This way when Day 1 comes, you are ready to rock and roll.

I will confess that trying to stick to a program during Thanksgiving and Christmas is not easy. I coached a group using this program during that time frame and almost all were on the struggle buss due to social events.

Just as a clarification, during Project X you will not starve…most discover they are currently operating in starvation mode (thinking that is the best way to lose weight) and when they eat more (aka fuel their bodies appropriately) results happen faster (including weight loss). Project X was designed as a simple way to help guide you no matter where you are on the road to health and fitness. It is a healthy AND safe way to help you reach your goals!

I worked hard to create this program and all its components, please share your results with me, I would love to see them!

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