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A few of my teammates and myself were given a pair of Skora Running Shoes to try. I have never heard of this brand, but I’m always down to try products, especially if they are fitness related…plus what girl doesn’t want pretty (free) shoes?  HERE is a great review of the shoe that I agree with, but see my input below!

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  • The colors are great! Bright, but no need for sunglasses.
  • NOT true to size. I went down a size and we had to reorder shoes.
  • This is the most minimal shoe I have worn and it is very minimal, however I don’t think if I stepped on something it would go through the shoe.
  • There is something goofy going on with the heel. Like there is a support rod in there and I have to balance on it. It isn’t that comfortable in the heel.
  • Because of the heel thing, I will never use them for a WOD because I don’t feel stable on them, or my foot would be able to plant in a WOD. Box Jumps might hurt.
  • I WILL wear them to train clients in, but not for long because my heel starts to hurt after a long time of using them.
  • I don know one of my teammates used them to run a marathon in.
  • Rumor has it they are kinda pricy too!
  • I would chose ino8s over them.