Last Sunday we headed out to Remier’s Ranch to do some hiking, catch some rays, and take some pictures and it was the perfect day for it! We started out by first going to the overlook. It was a wall that overlooked the canyon that had information about the habitat there.

photo 5

After walking the wall, we drove down to the next parking lot for some hiking. I was expecting some epic hiking however when we got there we understood it was mainly for rock climbers. Therefore if you climb, this is your park to go to! You were able to drive you car down a path to the water, unload your ice chest/tents/etc if you wanted to spend the day playing in the Pedernales River, which many families were doing. We hike a bit, then let Duke (yes dogs were allowed on leash, however I was a rule breaker along with a few other dog owners) swim for a bit! It was a good little escape for the day. See my personal reviews below! photo 7

Scenery: 3/5 Wildflowers made it good

Distance: 4/5 It only took under an hour to get out there

Camping: 0 You cannot camp there.

Activity: 2/5 There was shallow water swimming and easy hiking.

Seclusion: 2/5 There were lots of kids


photo 17