Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Perform Better is a great place to get equipment for your home gym, bootcamps or individual clients. I have ordered a few things from them for my personal home/garage gym, K-Ln. My favorite includes the 10 pack of resistance bands. Perform Better also carries Dynamax Medicine Balls, which are my favorite brand as you can see in THIS post. I have clients at a studio where all the dumbbells are Perform Better brand. As you can see, Perform Better has a lot to offer and should be at the top of your list for equipment.

FITBIT My bestie got me hooked on Fitbit one weekend and I now I’m addicted. A few of my athletes already had Fitbits but we are all now in a challenge (Daily Showdown and Workweek Hustle) and we can see each others steps. Its so fun, it makes the passing between clients really fun, they have started communicating and laughing more. I’m not going to lie it has made some of my clients get up and move more, knowing that someone is going to see their steps. It’s a GREAT way to communicate with clients outside of your session. Hands down one of the best things I did this year with my clients. You can read what my athletes/clients/victims have to say about their Fitbits HERE and my detailed review HERE.

TRX is a very versatile piece of equipment  to have in home or at a gym! I use this for all of clients no matter their “level”. My clients/athletes get put on it almost every time to work pulling and strengthening their back side and to get away from that hunched over position we commonly find ourselves in. I like to pair Rows on the TRX and Single Leg Squats (pistols). This tool is also GREAT for traveling. It will go in a sack and fit in a suitcase. This means when I go see the family I can throw it in my suitcase and attach it to the backyard playscape and can work out when the kiddos are swinging. They even have a certification program if you are new to the field and want to learn more.

WOD NATION is a smaller company that carries only a handful of crossfit-ish items and some witty t-shirts. What I really like about them is their jump ropes (I love double unders). They have 2 different kinds ones with the thicker handles and ones with the thinner handles. Both come with extra ropes and components, which is something you will be thankful for in the future. They have a great video on How To Size Your Jump Rope (very important).

WOD FITTERS offers a lot of things. The one product that I have form them and will order from them again is their gymnastics grips. I’m a SISSY when I tear my hands…and then I become overdramatic in everything. I like to wear grips for ANYTHING on the pull up bar; toes to bar, pull ups, bar muscle ups. I’m rough on my equipment and these have surprised me with there ability to stand the amount of training I put them through. Especially here in Texas where we sweat a lot.

Fringe is a place I go to for equipment for my home gym. If you live in Austin, TX you could even go to their warehouse and try out their equipment for free before purchasing it. They have a lot to offer, the thing I purchase from them is their bumper plates, especially the packages with bar + bumper plates. In addition to this package set up, they have a variety of packages for your garage gym…at a decent price. If you are looking to outfit your garage or small space for clients, Fringe is where you want to shop.

LIVING AMPED MEAL PREP SERVICE. If you live in Austin, TX and want good nutritional meals but don’t want to mess with grocery shopping or preparing, talk to me! We prepare good, clean, healthy foods. Jackie, our chef is an amazing cook and makes/prepares amazing food. You can find out more information and see what is prepared by clicking HERE.

BULK SUPPLEMENTS. My acupuncturist introduced me to this site a while back. It is a site where you can order a bazillion different supplements (they have over 300 to choose from), you guessed it, in bulk. I have used Bulk Supplements for both wellness and performance supplements. If you order before noon, its shipped that day and orders $49 or over includes FREE shipping.

$5 MEAL PLAN. If I didn’t have a meal prepping business with the best chef this side of the Mississippi, I would be looking into this, 100%. This company creates meal plans and shopping list to make nutrition painless. They even have a few specialty versions including a paleo one and crockpot one. You can also try it out for free for 14 days!

MY FREEZ EASY. Founded by Erin Chase (same founder of $5 Meal Plan), My FreezEasy helps you prepare 10 delicious meals to load into your freezer in less than an hour. There is a variety of meal subjects to choose from including a gluten free & clean eats one. If you are looking to save time in the kitchen so you can spend more time else where, its worth checking out.

BLUE HOST is the best place to start when building a WordPress website. It is budget friendly and has everything you need if you need from square 1.  Building a website is very beneficial (obviously), but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

MILE IQ.This is how I track my miles for tax purposes. You get so many rides for free, but those run out. So for $5.99/mth for unlimited drives its totally worth it…everything is done automatically, you just classify the drives later (picking between business and personal and even in more detail was it business in running errands or customer visit, etc) and even some of them came classified automatically. Get 20% off by clicking HERE.

MAIL CHIMP. This is what I use to build my email list from an opt in on my website. It also has a lot of great automation features such as when people purchase/download a certain product they can automatically get a personalized Thank You letter from you. This will allow you to collect emails and stay in communication with your community. Did I mention its free

EVERNOTE. This cool little program is something I use with my in home clients. I program a workout in Evernote, then when I go to their house I pull it up on my computer and use it like a coach would use a whiteboard (without my bad handwriting). I can make changes on the spot, keep times, make notes, etc. After each workout I have them rate the workout on a scale of 1-10. This helps me to know how difficult to make the next workout. Before I leave their house, I email/send their workout to them and they are suppose to do it at least 1x before I see them again. You can do so much more, but it works perfectly for this purpose! Since I keep it basic here, its free.

STRIPE. This is one of the ways I process my clients billing. I just use it for my personal training clients, but it has the ability to do more such as subscriptions which is something that could come in handy down the road. How I use it is you store clients card on file, then when I have a session with them I go in and “create payment” for their card. I make the description of the payment heavy in detail. The money is deposited into your account within a few days. There are also graphs and charts so you can see how you preformed  along the way or in comparison to previous months or years. Yes there is a small percentage taken out for transfer/processing but totally worth it.

WORDPRESS. This is what I use for my website. I also use the theme Divi. I’m not super nerd, but I know this theme is SIMPLE and gives me a lot of freedom to create but also change things. This whole setup has made figuring out (most of) my website pretty easy which is fun because I can make changes when I want to. I have learned all about plugins and widgets and the benefits of both. WordPress also has an app so you can make post from there and track stats.

JOT FORM. This makes embedding forms on your website easy. This means, you can create your new client forms (waivers, etc) on your site and send them to your athletes prior to their first session with you. Once they fill it out, it will get emailed directly to you. You can even add your logo. You can see how I embedded forms HERE. You can have so many free forms before you have to pay.

CANVA. This is a MUST if you have a website or are active on social media! I LOVE Canva and use it a TON! I use it to make images/post for all social media forms. I made all my ebooks and PDFs on there. I pay a monthly subscription thing ($13ish) and it makes working with my brand (colors, logos, etc) easier but you can use it for free. My monthly subscription doesn’t cover the paid images, I still have to purchase them BUT I can only think of 1x purchased that image, I can find almost everything for free. There are also so many templates to use…the hardest part is picking which one.

VENMO. This is a really great tool. It allows you transfer funds from mobile to mobile for free. You can also send invoice/request funds too. I use this tool with my meal prep service. When meals are ready I just invoice the clients and they pay when they pick up. Its also great for groups of friends, you just invoice each other vs separate checks at restaurants etc. Its free.

COMPETE EVERY DAY (CED). This is one of my favorite companies. Even better, the founder Jake has a heart of GOLD. Not only does he create a line of motivational appeal and posters, he is running a great podcast called Better Than Yesterday, click HERE to see my episode! THIS is my favorite tank. Use Code FIERCEPIERCE at checkout.

REEBOK. I have been wearing reebok for going on five years now. Their clothes and shoes and couldn’t be happier. Their gear gets put through the ringer when I train, especially with the climate here in Texas. I still have and wear my first pair of lifting shoes from them (they stay in my garage gym vs my gym bag). The ones in my gym bag are over two years old and look brand new. The clothing has survived many trips through the washer and dry and holds its color very well. They don’t just have athletic wear, they do have some really cute and trendy tops that would go perfect with the right pair of jeans. It also makes great gifts! You can read about my top favorite products by clicking HERE.

NULO DOG FOOD. I cannot say enough good things about this company, its owners and employees. As soon as Chief (my very active German Shorthaired Pointer) turned one, I put him on this exact food for a couple of reasons. The dog on the front of this bag is my old dog Duke. The company is local. The food is not packed full of additives it is super clean. If Chief is going to be as active as he is I want to make sure his body is fueled appropriately. You can find it at your local Petsmart if you don’t live in ATX.

Owning a big dog is great, but can be tiring at times. Chief and I are very active together…road tripping, hiking, working out. I wrote a post my top favorite things I use with Chief. You can view that HERE.

CRICUT. I am the proud owner of a Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine and I’m pretty obsessed with it. I use this thing on a personal level to monogram pretty much everything. My favorite part is, it allows me to make GREAT gifts (I love giving, click here to read about my Crafting Christmas). If you are a teacher or a mother to little ones I cannot recommend  this machine enough. My sister is using her Cricut Explore Air 2  to make marvel invitations, decorations, and address the envelopes for her son’s 3rd birthday party. If you are going to get one, I would recommend a bundle package because you will end up getting the accessories at some point. HERE is a post with some hints about owning one of these magnificent machines.