I gave up “protein bars” after I did Crystal Bold’s Fuel 21 program. HOWEVER I have heard many people RAVE about this “Quest Bar“. This pictures my good friend, Melisa, was posting was making my mouth water, therefore I had to try it! I posted a pic of the bar on my instagram feed and got lots of responses, all positive (except for someone saying they were not a fan of the cashew flavor one). See my review below:

Taste: I have only had the chocolate brownie kind, so I was happy with it. I’m not sure what else they could do to make it better.

Price: I paid $3.02 which I would consider high for a bar. However you can see from below it has good nutrition ratings and is a better choice.

Nutrition: It has “no sugar or sugar alcohols” and it is gluten free! This 170cal bar has 20g pro, 6g fat and 1g sugar. Not bad for a bar honestly.

Convient: I was only able to find this at GNC, which means I had to find a GNC.

Overall: If there were closer GNCs and I need a fix, it is a great option. However I’m not going to go in search of a GNC just to have a quest bar. Its worth trying for sure!