What is Project X?

Project X is a four week program to help guide you no matter where you are on the road to health and fitness. “X” represents your why. It can be whatever you want it to be…a goal you want to achieve or a certain pair of pants you want to fit into. It can even be a feeling or an upcoming trip you are preparing for. X is up to you!

Who is it for?

Project X is for anyone who is just starting a fitness journey, for someone who needs to get back on track or for someone who needs (or wants) to dial it in for an upcoming special event.

How does it work?

Your Project X Guide makes it really simple. Just follow it. Eat from the given food list for that week. Perform the body weight workouts for that week. And document your journey along the way. Thats it!

There are two different downloads available with a cookbook on they way. The Project X Guide has all your instructions. It includes your menus and grocery list, your weekly workouts (including warm ups and cool downs), body composition sheet, goal setting worksheet, tips for success, and a suggested kitchen tool list. Your Project X Log & Journal includes a body composition sheet, a daily sheet for you to track your food intake and your workouts along with their results.

What are the athletes saying?

“Project X helped me lose weight initially which was very motivating and kept me driven to continue losing weight. The program makes it easy to follow the nutrition and exercise aspects”


Project X helped me jumpstart my way into healthy eating and becoming fit. At the end of the program I not only was more confident but I wanted to shout from the roof tops my success and happiness with the program.


Project X program teaches you that both exercise and nutrition are critical to the body transformation process. It works not only to achieve short term weight loss goals, but also educates on long term lifestyle health choices. The program highlights the importance of portion control, discipline and eating the right foods as a lifestyle, not a diet. Thanks to Coach KP’s motivation and support, I’ve lost 14lbs and 15lbs from the two programs I’ve undertaken.


“I loved Project X. It taught me new ideas and ways to get back on track, and tools that I still utilize to stay on track. I liked the simplicity of it AND I got results!!”

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