When should I start Project X if I’m preparing for Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving is coming hard and fast folks! For some of you, myself including, this means eating all the foods you don’t normally eat in (large) amounts you don’t normally eat. I know this is true because I have already started putting in my request for certain foods I want to see at this year’s Thanksgiving (ie Coffee Punch … cue the dairy digest). If your “why” revolves around your Thanksgiving meal, Project X is a great way to prep for that. For this to happen you need to START your project X on Oct. 25th (thats tomorrow). This means today you need to download your guidebook, get your grocery shopping done (there is a list in your guidebook), and your meals prepare. Project X works…you just have to do what the guidebooks instructs you to do and meal prep is one of those things. Earn your Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy it guilt free!


Personal Trainers and Coaches…I got you taken care of! If you are looking to lead a group through the Project X Challenge, I have it mapped out for you. This will tell you EXACTLY what to do and when to do it! AND its FREE! As always feel free to ask me questions! Click HERE to download your guide!