Time to REBUILD. There is no doubt I lost a lot during treatment, a lot. I trained a few times a week at the beginning of treatment, however the effects (fatigue and a lot of it) of my treatment modalities are cumulative. This means things caught up with me. By the time brachytherapy came into the picture I was lucky to get in the gym 1x/wk and it was ugly. I would recover from one treatment just in time to have another treatment. I gave all my energy to coaching my athletes and don’t regret that for a second.

I am now back in the gym giving it everything I have. My training partners, Jess & Ingrid,  are very patient and understanding. My strength is coming back faster than my lungs/metcon which is really hard for me because I love metcons and I wasn’t to horrible at them. One good hard workout will knock me on my a$$. I am also working with Ben House of Train Adapt Evolve in making sure I come back at a good pace.

Since I did go through menopause (radiation induced menopause) I just got the contact of a natural path out in California to help with my hormones. With out a good night’s sleep I quickly become a raging BITCH!

As far as competitions. Do I want to get back to competing? You betcha!  But I know I have to start slow and keep repeating,” it will come back”. This past November I participated in a challenged called Everyday Warrior. This non profit gives funds to crossfitters who have been diagnosed with cancer (all types)! Brittany, the founder, was one of the ladies whose stories I read during my late night searches. You can read about my experience with that HERE.

I have signed up to compete in All Cities Open this year (in a few weeks actually), a competition that I have competed in for a few years, even taken the podium a few times. I’m going to give it my all, there is no doubt about that and I know it is going to be rough. I’m just going to be happy to be back on the playing field with my fellow competitors.

I will continue to train, fight and rebuild. I understand that I have aways to go, but I still plan on competing in The Open.