Personal/Group Training is the perfect way to have specialized time with a highly qualified, dedicated Coach and Athlete.

Each session is 1 hour long. Scheduling sessions in advance, helps secure desired time slot.

All Athletes will receive the following:

Goal Setting
Body Compositions (beginning of each month)
Recorded Benchmarks (beginning of each month)
Nutrition Guidance (food logging is encouraged)

Create the Life You Desire

Get Amped


Goal Setting

Body Composition



Karen is awesome. Not only is she a ball of hilarious energy, she cares about each one of her “victims”, I mean clients. She works us hard and has faith we can push ourselves past our perceived weaknesses, all the while pursuing her own high level of fitness. She’s the bomb!



Karen; she is amazing. I am over 40, was not exercising regularly and have asthma, so I really didn’t think I would be able to keep up with the other people in my class.

Karen has totally changed that for me and I look forward to seeing her twice a week. She is so motivated, a great role model, always supportive and is constantly providing advice and guidance on diet, exercise and life in general – not only in class but through her weekly emails and blogs. She’s a great inspiration and I highly recommend her to fact I do all the time!


“Working with Karen has really helped me stay motivated. I get bored easily with fitness routines and give them after only a few sessions. CrossFit Relentless with Karen truly keeps our team excited, working hard to push each other to excel and accomplish things that I wouldn’t have done on my own. If I miss I day, I really feel like I’ve missed out and am anxious to get back out there. We’ve got a mix of folks in terms of fitness level. Because of this, Karen does a great job keeping everyone moving, pushing the high-end and making sure those of us trying to catch up are not left behind.”


1 on 1 Personal Training

$75 per 1 hour session 

Group of 2 Training Session

$120 per 1 hour session ($60/Athlete)

Group of 3 Training Session

$150 per 1 hour session ($50/Athlete)

New Athlete Checklist

Athlete Profile
Risk & Waiver of Liability

Health History Form
Cancellation Clause