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In my regionals care package came these Perfect Fit Protein Cookies from Boundless Nutrition. I had one after dinner the night before I left and put the rest in my bag so I could have between WODs at regionals (great idea).

Taste: Not bad, very moist. (3/5)

Price:  $17.88 for a box of 12 ($1.49/cookie) (4/5)

Nutrition: Hard to argue with All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium, No Soy, No Flour, No Eggs. Kcal 150/Fat 5g/Carb 19g/Sugar 1g/Pro 10g I would like to see more pro (3/5)

Convient:  They do a great job at helping you locate the product with THIS page on their website. Living in ATX I feel like they are easily accessible, but I”m not sure about else where. (4/5)

Overall:  I think it is a great option for a desert if you are looking for something or if you are out and need something sweet. I’m not saying it is the BEST option, but it is better than most! (4/5)