…finished a WHOLE bottle of seasoning, especially not one of this size! My friends Dustin and Lauren Gersch creators and founders of a wonderful seasoning called Paleo Powder “began doing CrossFit, and although [they] quickly saw changes in [their] fitness levels, [they] still needed help with our eating habits.  [They] chose to follow a Paleo lifestyle and it changed [their] lives -together [they] lost 100 pounds!  [Their] seasoning was created to add flavor to Paleo meals, while staying true to what a Paleo lifestyle really means – [they] even use it at our BBQ competitions. [Their] goal has always been to make the best tasting seasoning without any MSG or Gluten.” I personally add this seasoning to EVERYTHING (meats AND veggies). I highly consider grabbing a bottle or 2…GREAT people, GREAT product!