Thanks to the sport of CrossFit, I have found a new love for Reebok, specifically the CrossFit line. The company has stepped up and support the sport including outfitting each athlete at The CrossFit Games. If I’m not wearing Lulu to workout then its probably Reebok, especially in the shoe department. My two favorite workout pieces (compression tights & a pullover hoodie) came from when we went to the games in 2012 and they still look almost new and they both have been through a lot. Below are my top five favorite apparel items from Reebok.

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Did I mention Reebok is having a Labor Day Sale? Use the code SAVEMORE at checkout between 8/30 and 9/5. This applies to the Design-Your-Own Crossfit Nano 7 shoes, Classic Leather, Training Apparel and all smaller items including accessories like bag, hats and socks.

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NanosI have had a few different versions of these and currently still wear the (lime green pair) I got at the 2012 Games. I tried a few other brands of minimal shoes geared towards crossfitters, but found out the quality of these is way better. When looking for a minimal shoe for a crossfit style workout. Its important to find something that offers a flat surface for stability for a lift but also can be supportive during a 400m repeat. I have also given a custom pair of nanos that I personally designed to my mom for Mother’s Day in her favorite color (yellow) even adding her name to the side. The variety of colors makes makes holidays really fun. My favorite pair are my red white and blue flag ones! Confession I have NOT tried the Nano 7s…yet 🙂

Front Rack Sports Bra. Having the correct sports bra is important. Finding one that will support you while you do all the things, can be a painful trial and error process. Reebok has a variety of sports bras to choose from even offering different levels of support. I have mostly the medium support ones and a few of the light support ones. I use the medium ones for workouts and the lighter ones for just wearing, especially if all the fun straps are going to show through open back shirts. My favorite bra reebok offers is the front rack sports bra. It has great colors & great support AND it holds up in the washer and dryer. I feel like it covers well and I’m not going to “fall out” no matter what I’m doing!

Reebok Chase Shorty Shorts. These are my favorite shorts! I can’t think of any training session that I have had a problem with them. I also like the fact that they stay down…I do not have to worry about my “goods” falling out. I wash these AND dry them and they are fine and STILL have the same color. You can see my 2015 pair in THIS article here, still bright!

Lifters. Lifters provide a great benefit when lifting…for all levels. Breaking Muscle has provided a great article on the WHY you need lifting shoes (click HERE to read that article). My personal view is it provides a solid surface for you feet when lifting…olympic lifting, squatting, push press, etc. The material on the bottom on any type of lifters can be different. Athletes that are only weight lifters their shoes will most likely have a wooden surface. Your crossfitters are different. My first pair of lifters had a rubber sole which was fine (I think they were from Muscle Driver). In 2012 I got a reebok pair that had a plastic surface that was GREAT for lifting AND climbing ropes. These were updated with my 2nd trip to the games in 2015 and the lifters had a rubber sole. My older pair went in my garage gym (check it out HERE) for when I work out there and the other pair is at the gym. I like both. Lifters make a great addition to your routine AND even great gifts.

Hoodie. Sometimes in Texas the idea of a hoodie sounds horrible which is why this lightweight one is perfect! The hood is even big enough to cover your head from rain or just to keep warm or just makes for a great neck warmer. I have a couple in BRIGHT neons, and a solid black one which you cannot go wrong with. Also there is no zipper which means if you are warming up cleans you don’t bruise your collar bone. PS they hold up in the washer and dryer.