Crossfit Central does WONDERS for helping coaches and athletes set AND reach their goals. As coaches we were asked to write our Purpose Statement. Here is mine.

I pledge myself to making a profound impact to others lives.
I promise to lead by example.
I want to be held accountable for my actions.
I am dedicated to my career in fitness.
My solid belief system and moral values will serve as a good stable base for which ever road I take.
I will make a consistent effort towards self improvement.
I am an ambassador for fitness.

While these words/sentences might not mean anything to you but they mean alot to me. They are my purpose. I found words that stood out to me and I wanted to live by and used them to create this purpose. I have posted these in many places that I look at daily. I ask that you hold me accountable to this. Have you ever asked yourself what is your purpose?

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