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This past Memorial Day, after a day of napping we headed out to McKinney Falls State Park to enjoy the day and sunshine….WHAT A GEM! Having wanting to do something outdoors, but realized I had slept the day away AND it was a holiday, I knew my options were limited. According to the website, this place was only 20mins away. I figured it was worth a go, plus dogs were allowed on leash. We drove out there, paid $6/head, got a map and took off! There were tons of hiking and chances to get in the water. The only regret I have is not wearing my keens so I could walk in the water (which would open m e up to other hiking options). See my review below! photo 2

Scenery: (4/5) Very Green, Lot of Vegetation and Water

Distance: (5/5) 20mins outside of town

Camping: (2/5) Park employee said primitive camping wasn’t very good…but it was available. (However my bed is 20mins away)

Activity: (3/5) Deep Swimming Holes with waterfalls (you can even jump off the top of the waterfall) and lots of hiking!

Seclusion: (3/5) Not that crowded and it was a holiday!