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Here is the first entry from the first ever Make it Possible Challenge! And I think I totally did it! A Paleo Monte Cristo “sandwich”!!! It’s damn good too!!

Disclaimer #1: I’ve never actually had a Monte Cristo sandwich. So I don’t have much of a reference to how it should taste other than reading the ingredients of a non-paleo Monte Cristo Sandwich. I think I might have gotten close to how I imagine it might taste. That is, if you don’t mind hints of coconut flavor. But I could be completely wrong and you might think it’s gross. My kids and husband all though it was a hit, but you’ll have to try it and judge for yourself!

Disclaimer #2: There may be much better “Paleo Monte Cristo Sandwich” recipes. So I would totally Google it to see what else is out there. I purposely choose not to Google it prior to my creation of this recipe so as not to cloud my creativity with other peoples more awesome ideas :-)

So here it is!

Paleo Monte Cristo Wrap


1 pasture raised egg, beaten

1/2 c coconut flour
4 slices of deli style turkey
4 slices of deli style ham
4 medjool dates seed removed and diced
4 pinches of salt
High quality jelly of choice
1 TBS coconut oil


Lay 1 slice of turkey on a flat surface. Arrange diced dates in a line centered on turkey slice. Add pinch of salt along date line. Fold turkey “taco style” (let me know if you need further help with this). Fold ham taco style the opposite direction. Repeat with additional sets of turkey and ham.

Put coconut flour and egg in 2 separate flat shallow dishes. Coat 1 ham and turkey wrap with flour. Then dip it into egg. Repeat flour/egg dipping once more. Heat coconut oil over low in medium skillet. Cook the wrap approximately 3 min per side or until lightly browned and slightly crisp. Be very careful and gentle when flipping!!! Repeat with each wrap.

Serve with whole fruit jelly of choice!

I will say that this recipe is made from Paleo ingredients; however deli style meats should not be your main source of protein ever. Something like this should be an occasional treat!

Just sayin!

Let me know if anyone tries it and how it comes out!

Paleo Possible