For some reason, its always a shocker to some people when they find out I have a gym in my garage. They are even more shocked when I can have a garage gym and I’m STILL be able to pull my car into my garage. Garage gyms are great if you just want to put some work in without a commute or you just need to do some alone work. It also takes away the excuse of not being able to workout. I can always do something. What a garage gym is missing is community. You don’t have the atmosphere of others, which is why I invite my gals over 🙂

Below is what is in my garage gym…also known as K-Lane because someone stole me a street sign back in high school that says Karen Ln. and It use to hang over my garage door, but honestly I’m not sure where it is.

NOT SHOWN: (on the opposite side of the garage from the equipment)

Stud Bar (pull up bar). This was installed the day after I closed on my house.

Rings. These get used A LOT for a variety of things! They hang from my pull up bar so I can do seated muscle ups, and all the drills.

  1. Hooks. These basic utility hooks are awesome and cheap! I got them at either Lowes or Home Depot. They use to hold my barbell on the wall but now as you can see they hold a variety of things.
  2. Strap for Sled. My sled can only be pushed so I store the sled and hang the strap.
  3. Shower Board. This is Shower Board from either Lowes or Home Depot. It comes in massive pieces and can be cut down. Its also WAAAAYYY cheaper than marker board.
  4. Mobility. This bag is full of a variety of different types of mobility stuff…balls, the stick, etc.
  5. Ab Mat. I cannot remember where i ordered mine from but you can find them on Amazon.
  6. Foam Rollars. I feel like I collect these…but only the short ones. I really want/need a long one. You can find/order these from just about any where. I’m pretty sure all of mine are Trigger Point.
  7. Air Dyne. CrossFit Beaumont was upgrading their bikes and so they were selling their old ones. I quickly jumped on it, thanks to my mom who notified me. It isn’t the BEST of the BEST, but it gets the job done. I want to say its something like THIS one.
  8. Med Balls. I currently have a 6# and a 14#. I really want a 20# and I thought I had one but I’m not sure where it went to. There are many brands out there, but I would HIGHLY suggest biting the bullet and paying for dynamax brand one. Yes they have come apart on me BUT not as fast as other brands. You can order them from just about any where.
  9. Sled. One of my friends was selling all his equipment so I purchased most of it and this came in the package.
  10. Jump Rope. I have my 2 favorite speed ropes in my gym bag but his is a mucho heavier one that stays here. I don’t know if I ever use it to be honest with you.
  11. Spin Shoes with clips. I use to teach spin and the bikes had clips so I have shoes that fit those clips and different shoe clips for my road bike. My spin instructors and follow cyclers know what I’m talking about.
  12. Bands. I have a few variety of bands for mobility and glute strengthening stuff, they came from Amazon.

13. Motivation. Yes I hung my little bitty swimsuit bottoms up in my garage for some motivation.
14. Stall Bars. My dad and I made these using THIS plan, but unfortunately the 4th dowels in the middle are not strong enough to hang from. One day we will go back and fix it.
15. Shower Board. Same as the other side, from a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes. WAAAAY cheaper than a fancy marker board.
16. Women’s Bar. My friend was getting rid of his garage gym equipment so I bought a lot of it, this was one of the pieces.
17. Pearl. The Black Pearl to be exact. This is my road bike that I LOVE! Unfortunately I’m too scared to ride in ATX. I use to have her on a trainer in the garage but then I got the air dyne. I’m going to get her fixed up so when I go to Dallas I can bring her.
18. Plates. These came with the Friend’s package, but I have bought some 10# plates form Fringe Sport.
19. Squat Rack. Someone actually gave me this because they were upgraded theirs 🙂
20. Dumbbells. I would buy a set at a time. I have a 10#, 15#, 20#, 45#. I want a 35# and 55# set. I want to say I got these at Play It Again or Academy.
21. Grip Strengthen. This is something my client made for me to help work on my grip strength. I know exactly where I want to hang it I just think I need some professional (aka my Dad) to help me hang it since I will be hanging from it.
22. Rower. Someone from the gym was selling theirs and I jumped on it. These are VERY hard to find used. A great purchase though.
23. Bench. This also came from Play It Again.
24. Box. This came from Rogue Fitness. I bought mine already put together and highly recommend it. It can be 20″, 24″ or 30″. I had 2 boxes (20 and 24) which took up a lot of space now I have one!
25. Kettlebells. These prob came from play it again, I have a variety…(1) 25#, (2) 35#, (1) 54#. I would like to have two 54#s for farmers carry.
26. Clips/Collars. I’m pretty sure these came from Fringe Sports, but I don’t see it on their website anymore.
27. Chalk Bucket. This is a mop bucket but I used it for chalk that I order from Rogue. But I’m not even sure when the last time I ordered chalk was.
28. Bands. I have a variety of bands that get used for a variety of things. I’m pretty sure sure I ordered them from Perform Better.
29. Board Cleaner. This is a must because if you are using the shower boards and leave writing on there for too long, it might not wipe off. I recommend this Expo stuff which is what you would use on whiteboards. I have also used an all surface cleaner in the past which is cheaper.
30. Stall Mats. I got these from Tractor Supply during the black Friday madness. I was planning on matting out only half of the garage, but I ended up doing the whole thing and it looks so much better and it really makes a difference when I workout, I’m not sure how or why, but it does. I LOVE the mats…which I would have done that earlier. Just be careful because these things are HEAVY and the weigh adds up on whatever you are carrying it in.