Hulk Cakes

I have these at least once a week and they are even an “add on” for the Living Amped Meal Prep Service. Depending on my day I will have any where from 2-6 at a meal. Sometimes I make an egg over easy and add it to the top. I also like to top mine with almond/peanut butter and/or maple syrup and sometimes a fruit (strawberry, blueberry, bananas, etc). But there are many times when I eat them plain without anything…in my car…between clients! Enjoy!


3 eggs

1 MASSIVE handful of spinach

1/2 cup 1minute quick oats

1 c Water

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp zantham gum

1 tsp cinnamon


Put all ingredients in blender /vitamix and puree and make waffles or pancakes. Makes about 4-6 waffles in a 4x4 waffle maker.