Grain-Free Biscuits Served With Bacon Egg and Cheese

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Grain-free biscuits made with almond flour. Eggs from pastured hens. Savory bacon from humanely raised, foraged hogs. Sharp cheddar cheese from grass-fed cows. Sounds like the ingredients to an appealing breakfast, doesn’t it?

This week, Megan Keatley of Health-Bent is sharing one of her personal breakfast favorites with us. If you’ve been in search of a top-notch, grain-free biscuit recipe made using 100% Real Food, it’s your lucky day!

Grain-Free Biscuits Served With Bacon, Egg, & Cheese

Yield: 4 breakfast sandwiches

The Players

The How-To

For The Grain-Free Biscuits:
In a mixer (or with a fork) combine the butter and almond flour until you have little broken up, pea-sized bits of butter distributed into the flour. Add the egg whites, salt, and baking powder. Mix to combine. If the batter doesn’t seem stiff enough to retain its shape while baking, add more almond flour a little at a time until it does. (Based on the comments below, this step is essential. Different almond flours are more absorbent than others.) Scoop the batter into 4 even portions and place onto a greased or silicone-lined baking sheet. Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes, until slightly golden.


To Assemble:

Slice the biscuits in 1/2, smear the top or bottom with some jam (add butter too, if you’d like). Place the egg on next followed by the cheese and whichever meat you’ve crisped up. Place the biscuit ‘lid’ on the sandwich and munch away.

*I would not recommend using thick-cut bacon. The thickness overwhelms the delicate texture and makes it difficult to cleanly bite through the sandwich.