Easter Egg Hunts NEVER get old, no matter how old you are! I enjoy programming holiday WODs for my athletes, so this Easter was no different. I pulled out the plastic eggs and went to work.



Inside each of these eggs is  a strip of paper with reps and a movement on it. On the Wednesday before Easter, I got to Spiceworks early and “hide” the eggs. Athletes were required to find a total of 5 eggs (1 at a time) and performing the movement written on the egg. After they did the “activities” of 5 eggs, they were to take off on an 800m Run!

This is one of my favorite holiday WODs because it makes all adults revert back to being kids again…and its AWESOME!


(Check out the boys on the left fighting to get to eggs 1st)

Coaches please feel free to steal this WOD because it is SO much fun to watch!