It is for anyone really! Everything can be modified to fit your ability no matter if you are new or an old timer in the fitness world. The intensity will be left in your hands!

Think CrossFit methodology meets bootcamp meets group fitness (minus step aerobics). What you will not see is barbells, pull ups or high level gymnastics or olympic lifting. I promise, there is a thought out method to the madness, but you will see a little bit of it all.

Classes will run on a four week cycle and meet every T/Th at 12pm at

Crossfit Jaakarhu
113 Industrial Blvd. Unit D
Austin, TX 78748

Starting SEPTEMBER 5TH 2017.

Every T/Th from 12-1pm.

Why not? Low skill conditioning is one of my favorite styles of workouts. Its all about the “go” and 100% mental.

You show up and I’ll take care of the rest! I will provide any equipment you might need for class/session.

Cost of Class: $125/mth for 2x/wk…$80 1x/wk….$20 Drop In

For more information and/or how to sign up for class, please contact me 🙂

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This class is not part of CrossFit Jaakarhu’s programming and cannot be combined with any services or programs they offer. There is no ability to make up conditioning classes in their programs and vice versa. Living Amped Conditioning is strictly through Living Amped, LLC. Questions and inquires about the programming are handled through the contact form or contacting Karen directly at