Compete Every Day (CED) is one of my FAVORITE brands! This brand not only offers a great message and awesome clothes but it was founded by an outstanding gentleman named Jake (these are the types of brands I like to support). I’m very fortunate to have Jake in my corner. Even living 3 hours apart I know I can pick up the phone and call just to ask the simplest of questions and guidance. He has created a brand around what it is like to “compete every day”. He isn’t referring to only game day, but the work that you have to put in day after day to achieve what you want. How to stay moving forward when you just want to throw in the towel. Check out the blog for a variety of different post from different people from different walks of life that talk about just this. Not giving up when it sucks. Not throwing in the towel when you come to a road block. It motivates me just thinking about it!

You can connect with CED in a few other ways…




AND of course my favorite….SHOPPING!!!

*use code FIERCEPIERCE at checkout*

CED also runs a great online community! You can follow them here:

(PS I like their Insta acct best)