In honor of Duke “Chief” of Pierce turning 3 today, I thought I would share with y’all some “help suggestions” that come with having a big, high energy dog.

  1. Stunt Puppy Leash. I had a red one for Duke (my previous dog) and I have an orange one for Chief.
  2. Slobber Stopper. I put one in my kitchen, car and one at my mom’s house.
  3. E Collar. This was a GAME CHANGER. My only regret is not getting is sooner. That “s” stands for stubborn. I trained Chief. 5mins a day EVERY day.
  4. Seat Cover. I’m not brand specific, in fact I think I get mine at Marshalls or Home Goods. But something to this nature.
  5. Collapsable Bowls. If you hike a lot this will come in hand for your dog. This stays strapped to my camel back.
  6. Couch Covers. I let chief on the couch and bed. These are great, not perfect, but works. Bed is a different story.
  7. Raised Dog Bowls. My Dad built Chief a fancy one that stores food and holds food and water. Raising the bowls will prevent your dog from inhaling air when eating and make them slow down which prevents bloat (what I lost Duke to).
  8. Chuck It. Chief and I have a chuck it date every day (unless the backyard is too muddy) at 8pm after it cools off, kinda.
  9. Rubber Chuck It Balls. I heard once that the material on a tennis ball ruins a dogs teeth, so I buy rubber chuck it balls.
  10. Float Vest. Chief doesn’t swim….don’t ask. He CAN swim, but he would rather not. So when we go out on a boat I make sure to have his life/Float vest on him.

Top 3 Off-Leash Hiking Places We Frequent:

  1. Mary Moore Searight Park Off-Leash Trail
  2. Turkey Creek
  3. River Place