Benchmark Workouts for

Personal Trainers/Coaches 

Benchmark workouts are a great way to keep track of you clients progress for many reasons. One, it provides numerical data to track your clients progress that he/she has received from working with you. This can in turn be used to show clients when they think the are just “spinning their wheels” and they lose track of their goal (or their “why”). It also makes a great marketing tool for you. You can show potential new clients what current clients have achieved (remember privacy) by working with you. Two, it can help you know what to program and work on with your client/athlete. If your client/athlete is dominating the strength “stuff” hitting new PRs (personal records) every time you test, but then making little to no improvements on the endurance test, then you have actual data that shows where you need to focus on with your programming.

When coaching a large group such as a bootcamp or you go in home to clients/athletes your setting/environment doesn’t always provide you ways to do a vast variety of testing, which is why I came up with 6 different benchmarks for you to use. I would recommend picking one for the month. Run the test in the first week, then in the last week of your bootcamp. Revisit these once every 3-4 months, schedule could look something like this:

  • January – All In Place
  • February – KB Is LIfe
  • March – 1 mile run
  • April – Swings + AMRAP
  • May – All In Place
  • June – KB Is Life
  • July – 1 Mile Run
  • August – Swings + AMRAP
  • September – All In Place
  • October – KB Is Life
  • November – 1 Mile Run
  • December – Swings + AMRAP

You can keep track for them or you can have them. I would recommend you keeping track so you have the numbers to use when you need to. It is a great moment to show someone that their hard work is paying off. Even if you don’t use my benchmarks I suggest you create a few of your own to use and rotate in your clients programming.




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