In December 2012, I entered Duke in Austin Fit‘s Austin Fittest Dog Contest. I wrote the paragraph and had Rabah take pictures of Duke and myself at 5 Fitness (see below) .

AFD Rope AFD Tire AFD Tire2

I didn’t hear anything from them for awhile. But when I was cleaning up my casa for guest the weekend of The Fittest Games (Jan. 17th), I came across last year’s Austin Fit issue with the 2012 Fittest Dogs. I cut out the title and put it in my vision book that evening.

Vision Book

I’m a HUGE vision book person…and honestly alot of the items/things/events have become real!! But that is another story. Good thing I did because close to the end of January I received an email informing me Duke had been chosen as one of Austin Fittest Dogs..But I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone (that was hard, I just had to forget that he was chosen). BOOM! I had just put it in my vision book! Some time in February, Austin Fit contacted me about doing a photo shoot with Duke. We decided that sine Duke is the “unspoken mascot” of the 1pm Coaches training crew, they should come out at 1pm on a Friday to take pictures. It was PRICELESS when Austin Fit came in and shocked everyone by wanting to take pictures of Duke. I was giddy! Out of all the pictures that they took, these are the ones they used!

DukeSpotting DukeBox Duke3 Duke

I was rather in pressed. Especially with the fact we got Duke to sit on a box! LOL! The 1pm crew is awesome about tolerating Duke and welcome him, no matter how much he wines. LOL! The article was released on Friday March 1st via web. I was at Camp Outlaw and i was tagged in a link by one of my athletes. That made me feel so grand, that one of my athletes discovered it before I did. I quickly got online and read the well written article…then did a happy dance. It was cool to discover it there because Duke had been at the camp the previous day and a lot of the athletes attending knew who Duke was and got a kick out of it. On Monday March 4th we attended an issue release party at a bar on Rainey Street called Bangers (I would highly recommend this place if you have a dog! Its an out door venue with seating inside if you would like. They also have a dog run where you could leave your dog to play with other dogs!). It was great weather and I enjoyed meeting the other dogs. I’m blessed to have such a well behaved dog that I can take to places. ATX Fittest Dog Bangers3 ATX Fittest Dog Bangers2 ATX Fittest Dog Bangers1HUGE thanks to everyone that made this possible for Duke and myself! Once again it shows how blessed I….we…are! Check out the article HERE!