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Before we left for regionals, each of the Crossfit Central teammates were given an Apera Bag with the double Cs embroider on the side. These bags are AWESOME! I quickly emptied my Reebok bag, given to me at the 2012 games and put everything in this bag. I thought for sure I was going to have to downsize, nope! The only thing that didn’t go was my cleats and that was by choice! This Performance Duffle Bag has A LOT of neat features. 1st there are a zillion pockets to hold EVERYTHING you could possibly thing of. The bag is durable and has antimicrobial product protection inside and outside. And an even more awesome perk, Apera will donate 1 bag to special olympics for every 3 bags they sell. What a GREAT cause!

This bag gets 2 thumbs up from me and worth EVERY penny you pay! Highly recommended!