This past Sunday Rabah Rahil, Duke and myself took a spontaneous day road trip out to Mustang Island. I knew I wanted Living Amped’s August WOD to include sand so I had planned filming at Zilker Park in the volleyball sand pit. When I presented this idea to Rabah Saturday night before we left to watch the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games at Cutros with a few fellow athletes of Crossfit Central, he said he was thinking  more of #DestinationWOD. I agreed but this needed to be ready to go on Thursday (8/1/2013) and we were a little short on time (#Emerald Speaking). Then he suggested a day trip to Mustang Island. Me being a planner it took me awhile, but the more I thought about this idea the more I liked it; I did want to go to the beach at some point this summer!

After Cuatros, we went to Central Market to get food. We were taking Duke, and didn’t want to rely on a restaurant…that didn’t allow dogs…or had only crap food to eat. However I did say if we find a super cute beachy dog friendly restaurant, we were stopping…we never found one.

Sunday morning breakfast was cooked and coffee was drank! We packed my FAVORITE cooler (Thanks Mom and Daddy! –Birthday gift last year) 6 Pack Bags (seriously, I HIGHLY suggest one of theses. Worth EVERY penny! This thing goes with me daily and keeps my food cold, allowing me to stay on track nutrition wise. It comes with great containers and removable shelves, as well as ice packs. If you like the tall 28oz shakers, get the bigger one vs the smaller one. The smaller one IS cheaper but doesn’t hold tall containers and it only holds like 3 meals vs 6) full of snacks, advocare and water (we also packed 2 camel backs for back up, which we used). We downloaded a great audio book from audible titled “Why We Get Fat”! And off we went!


A few stops and roughly 3hrs later we arrived at our destination. We paid the $5/person and drove to our spot on the beach. Our 1st agenda was to get a #DestinationWOD in.  I had written up something and even went as far as to write it in the sand, but then Rabah had the great idea of using the Living Amped cards! I would tell you more on that but you are just going to have to check in on Thursday to see the video of how the WOD went!

Beach 2

Next it was BEACH TIME!!! I did a locker room change in the car and off we went into the ocean! I was anxious to see how Duke reacted to the water. He has only been to the beach when it was cold. He was REALLY confused by the salt and the waves, lets just say he “tolerated” the waves, but LOVED to run up and down on the beach chasing seagulls. Needless to say he slept ALL the way home, BINGO!

Beach 6

Packing a cooler for the road trip was the BEST idea. We had good paleo friendly food at our finger tips. We stopped at picnic stops along the way to potty, eat and stretch. We had LOTS of water for us AND Duke so there was never a need to stop for that reason. Downloading an awesome book was probably the 2nd!

Not only did we get a GREAT workout in ON THE BEACH, but Rabah Rahil Photography got some GREAT shots…some I’m going to have put on canvass in my house! This was one of the BEST Sunday’s Adventures. Its going to be a hard one to top.


Scenery – 3

Distance – 2

Seclusion – 3

Activity – 2

Camping – 1

For All you Pat Green Fans: Listen!