Red boot wearing, Exercise Junkie, Family/Friends Loving, Mom of a 4 legged, Texas Proud, Southern Belle, Overly Organized, Survivor, a DIY lover, Highly Energetic, Encourager who loves life!

That about sums me up! 

I was born on August 28th, 1984 in Jackson, Mississippi. After spending many years in various towns in Mississippi, I then moved to Conway, Arkansas and finally made it to Texas, residing in Beaumont, but only for 4 years before attending Texas State University. Having fallen in love with the hill country, I decided to make Austin my home.

I have been active my whole life; starting out in city league sports before moving on to a variety of team sports during Middle and High School. I continued my powerlifting career for 3 years during college, qualifying for Nationals every year. After I graduated from Texas State (it was Southwest when I started) with a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science – Pre Physical Therapy, I completed a numerous amount of marathons and triathlons before discovering the sport of CrossFit in July 2009. During my years as a competitor I was blessed to compete at the regional level seven years in a row, two of those leading to Games qualifications.

Now retired from the competitive side of crossfit my exercise routine looks a little different. I’m still involved in my CrossFit community, but crossfit isn’t my only exercise of choice. Some days I meet friends for a run, some days I take my dog (Chief) for a hike, some days I get creative in my garage gym, then some days I just relax. My exercise routine might always be changing, but exercise will always a big part of my life.

I have been in the fitness industry professionally for over ten years now as either a Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Director, Fitness Director, and Nutrition Coach. I have been blessed to still train some of the same athletes that started with me over ten years ago. I love teaching people about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and watch them reap the benefits.

My recent adventures include learning American Sign Language (ASL). In an effort to communicate better with my deaf/HoH athletes I took ASL 101 at Texas School for The Deaf (TSD) and FELL IN LOVE. I wanted more practice using sign, so I started a crossfit class just for deaf/HoH athletes. There is no talking, just sign and its amazing. My athletes are the best and ever so patient with me as I learn this new and beautiful language.

Other Facts Worthing Sharing:

  1. I’m a Cervical Cancer Survivor. You can read all about my battle HERE!
  2. I use the arrow as my personal symbol because my mom called me a “warrior” when I was battling cancer,.
  3. I am a GodMother to two beautiful boys.
  4. I LOVE to country dance and frequent the dance halls.
  5. I have been called “KP” since kindergarten and I’m okay with that.

I made the news 🙂 

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