Meal Prep Fine Print

Pricing: Both Regular & Competitors 

  • 5 meals = $50
  • 10 meals = $75
  • 15 meals = $113

Container Credit

To receive container credit, containers must be

  • Clean and Dry (top and bottoms)
  • 28oz black container WITH matching lid
  • 1 container = $.50
  • On my desk by Thursday at noon
  • You can receive container credit for up to the number of meals you order that week. (i.e. if you order 10 meals and return 12 containers, you will get credit for 10 containers).


Give Give Referral Program

When you refer one person and they order meals, we will GIVE you 10% off the first week you both order meals and we will GIVE them a free hulk cake with their first order.  Meals have to be placed in the same week. Referrals have to be new customers.