Chapter 6 

The Law of Detachment


  • “Attachement, on the other hand, is based on fear and insecurity – and the need for security is based on not knowing the true Self” (p.84)
  • “Those who seek security chase it for a lifetime without ever finding it” (p.86)


  • What are some areas in your life you consider yourself to be attached to?
  • Why is detachment so hard?


  1. I will do my best not to look at everything as a start and finish. I will detach myself form the ridged planned out life I live
  2. I will trust and not panic when I don’t have an answer or a plan. I will accept unertainty and look at it as a blessing with opening doors to new possiblities (WISH ME LUCK ON THIS ONE)
  3. I will remain open to new possibilities and everything they have to offer.

Side Note: I find it funny and ironic that this is the chapter/law that has effected me the most but yet my review about it is the least wordy. interesting.