When the release of 13.2 came…I got a litte too excited! This as in my wheel house which might be why a few peopled text me that evening to inform me of it, which made me laugh! It was light weight, you just had to move fast for 10mins, there was no slowing down…and it didnt’ have burpees which is always a plus in my books. 13.2 was:

10min AMRAP

5 Shoulder to Overhead (75/115#)

10 Deadlift (75/115#)

15 Box Jumps (20/24″)

I arrived at Central around 12pm. Ingrid put the heats on the board, I made sure Jess and I were in opposite heats so we could judge/coach each other. She knows when to push the other and what the other can do. I like it! The only thing I was concerned about was the box jumps. You had to have a brief pause at the top of the box to show control. I’m use to rebounding off opening my hips on the ways down. Therefore I practiced a few times before before Ben called 3-2-1 Go. It was a mess. I couldn’t find a “beat”. I tried a variety of things. The allowed step ups that I had practiced were not acceptable. Great. I guess I would figured it out when I got up there.

I was up first. I chalked my hands 1 time, which normally I bath in chalk, but I didn’t have time for that. My barbell work was unbroken every time….light weight made that easy. The step ups were a different story the 1st 2 rounds.  I struggled to find a rhythm. I tried a variety of different ways, including getting no repped a few times. In my 3rd round I started step up, jump down…something I was avoiding, but seemed to work. I did 5 step ups on the right (stronger leg), 5 on the left then 5 on the right. This patterned worked and I didn’t get no repped…thank goodness !

I finished with a score of 356. I’ll take it!  Thanks to this workout I went from 46th to 14th..this week. We still have 3 WODs to go!


One of my favorite parts about Friday’s WODs is our athletes that come watch and cheer us on. I love knowing I have athletes in the crowd because I want them to see that I work just as hard as they do and YES they CAN do this! SO HUGE THANK YOU to all our athletes that come out on Friday’s, your presences means alot!

Fans2 Fans1 13.2Group13.2 is done and done…On to the next one….